PTO Leadership



Jenn is mostly known for her crazy, unruly curly hair! She loves Hallmark movies, ice cream, and Disney World! She was asked to serve on the PTO Board six years ago and still going strong. She’s thankful for these amazing officers that she gets to also call her friends.


Vice President of Fundraising

Rachel’s family moved to Bellevue in 2013 speficially for HVES and doesn’t regret the move one bit. She has a second grade Hound Dog and a 3 year old anxiously awaiting to be a Hound Dog. She is serving her second term as the VP of Fundraising and looking forward to another rewarding year with some of the most generous families in the city. She says you all make this a dream gig! When she’s not hanging with her family or at work you can find her wandering the school halls behind Jenn, crying over the copy machines, and taking in the entertainment that is the front office ladies. She looks forward to meeting you at a PTO meeting!



Caity is the PTO’s trusted Treasurer for the second year in a row. She’s an expert at Girl Scout cookie momming and is always striving for that work-life balance.


Assistant Treasurer

Jimmi is brand new to the PTO board this year and excited for it! She loves being actively involved in her boys’ school and classrooms. She has three boys that keep her busy with all their activities and she wouldn’t have it any other way.


Special Events Co-Chair

Kristen was born and raised in Nashville and sepcifically Bellevue. She finds so much joy and pride in her community! She is honored to serve this wonderful community through teaching at HVES, serving on the PTO board, co-leading a Girl Scout troop, and helping families find their next home through her real estate business. She is supported by her loving husband and her two kiddos who also attend the school.


Special Events Co-Chair

Savannah helped with special events last year and is excited to officially be on the PTO Board as Special Events Co-Chair this year. Savannah spends most of her time working and raising her kids, but she can’t resist a good volunteer opportunity (classic Enneagram 2). During a typical year you can also find her serving as room representative, Girl Scout cookie mom, Sunday School teacher, small group leader, etc. Savannah has a second grader at HVES and a 4-year-old who is counting down the days until he gets to be a Hound Dog, too.


Membership Co-Chair

Victoria is a Nashville native, born and raised here! She believes having FUN hair makes life better! Victoria has always dreamed of being a mom, room mom, and member of the PTO board, DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE!!  She loves helping, and spreading joy everywhere, like the pollen that flows through the TN air!


Membership Co-Chair

Jordan has lived in Nashville for 10 years now. She loves being a mommy to her two little girls in a house overflowing with lots of ruffles and bows. She works full time for herself being a crafty momboss. This is her first year on the PTO board and she’s excited to be a part of the HVES Hound Dog family!


Teacher Appreciation Co-Chair

Carol is also known as “the bag lady” with awesome snacks! She is always prepared for every occasion. Being the full-time working mom of two girls is not always pearls and pigtails—there is often a little diva behavior and drama!


Teacher Appreciation Co-Chair


Teacher Appreciation Co-Chair

Brooke is new to the PTO board this year. She is wife to Jonathan and Momma to Maverick and Palmer Kate. When she’s not volunteering at the school, you can find her at the baseball field or at the ballet studio. Her family loves all things water and they love to vacation. She’s excited to be a part of the PTO team!



Amber is a born volunteer, moving to TN from MI was a natural fit! She loves getting out with family and friends. You’ll often see her walking the halls at HVES, lounging by the pool, and selling Girl Scout cookies with her Troop! She loves meeting new people and can’t wait to throw herself into the PTO for another great year!


Communications Director

Beth volunteered with the PTO a lot last year so you may recognize her face, but this is her first year serving on the board. She’s an introvert working on becoming an extrovert. In her free time you can find her reading a book, powerlifting, or taking a nap. She’s looking forward to helping Houd Dog families stay connected and up-to-date.