HVES School Calendar


Family Meal Nights:

2nd Tuesday: Pizza Perfect (Dinner)

3rd Wednesday: Papa John’s

Calendar dates below are subject to change.

August 2022
September 2022
October 2022
November 2022

November 1: 5:30 PTO Board Meeting – CANCELED

November 8: Pizza Perfect Night

November 8: NO SCHOOL (Election Day, PD Day)

November 11: NO SCHOOL (Veteran’s Day)

November 15: Progress Reports

November 16: Papa John’s Night

November 23-25: NO SCHOOL (Thanksgiving)

December 2022

December 5-9: Book Fair

December 6: Book Fair Family Night

December 6: 3rd Grade Music Program – 6pm and 7pm

December 6*: Tito’s Spirit Night (Tentative Date)

December 13: Pizza Perfect Night

December 13: 5:30 PTO Board Meeting

December 21: Papa John’s Night

December 16: Staff Lunch Provided by PTO

December 16: ½ day for students

December 19- January 2: NO SCHOOL (Winter Break)

January 2023

January 3-6: NO SCHOOL (Stockpiled Day)

January 9: Students Return

January 9: 3rd Quarter Begins

January 10: Report Cards Issued

January 10: Pizza Perfect Night

January 10: 5:30 PTO Board Meeting

January 16: NO SCHOOL (MLK Day)

January 18: Papa John’s Night

February 2023

February 7: Progress Reports Issued

February 7: 5:30 PTO Board Meeting

February 11: Climb Nashville Family Night (Restaurant TBD)

February 14: Pizza Perfect Night

February 15: Papa John’s Night

February 16: 2nd Grade Music Program – 6pm and 7pm (Details to come)

February 20: NO SCHOOL (Stockpiled Day)

February TBD: Vision and Hearing Screening

February TBD: 6:00-8:00pm Climb Nashville Family Night

February TBD: Read Across America Week

March 2023

March 6-10: HVES Teacher Appreciation Week

March 7: 5:30 PTO Board Meeting

March 10: ½ Day for Students

March 13- 17: NO SCHOOL (Spring Break)

March 14: Pizza Perfect Night

March 15: Papa John’s Night

March 20: 4th Quarter Begins

March 28: Report Cards Issued

March 30: 1st Grade Music Program – 6pm and 7pm (Details to come)

March TBD: 4th Grade Wax Museum

March TBD: Family Reading Night

March TBD: Spring Pictures

March TBD: Book Fair

March TBD: Book Fair Family Night & Student Art Show

April 2023

April 11: Pizza Perfect Night

April 11: 5:30 PTO Board Meeting

April 6: NO SCHOOL (Stockpiled Day)

April 7: NO SCHOOL (Spring Holiday)

April 18: Progress Reports Issued

April 19: Papa John’s Night

April TBD: BSAA Gower vs HVES Staff Softball Game

April TBD: Kid’s Rock Marathon

May 2023

May 9: Pizza Perfect Night

May 9: 5:30 PTO Board Meeting – 2023/2024 Board Election

May 17: Papa John’s Night

May 25: End of Year Staff Luncheon Provided by the PTO

May 25: Last Day of School (1/2 day)

May 25: Report Cards Issued

May TBD: Kindergarten Sneak a Peek

May TBD: Kindergarten Music Program

Potential snow make- up days, if more than 6 days are needed: February 20, April 6, May 26, 30, 31